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A Second 1982-D Small Date Copper Cent Discovered

Time to start looking through your pocket change. A second 1982-D Lincoln Cent with a Small Date in Copper has been discovered. The second coin was recently graded by PCGS and weighed in a 3.07 grams. The copper Cents weighed in a 3.1 grams so this was well within tolerances.

For reference, the copper coated zinc cents weight just 2.5 grams.

The first 1982-D Small Date copper cent was graded by NGC and it was also graded at AU-58. It went to auction recently and scored a cool $18,800 winning bid.

So how can you determine if you have a 1982-D Lincoln Small Date copper Cent? Take a look at the image below. On the small dates, the “2” is far away from the rim of the coin. The large date variant will be close to the rim.

1982-D Small Date Close Up (Image Courtesy of Numismatic News)

Of course, when it comes to if it is copper versus zinc, you need to weigh the coin. It should be around 3.1 grams while the zinc coins will be 2.5 grams. That’s hard to determine without a small scale.

If there are two of this variety then there are bound to be more out in the wild. Time to dig through that penny jar you have and see if you happen to have a potentially high value coin you didn’t know about waiting to join your collection.

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