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NGC Creates Special Holder for American Legion Coin and Veterans Medal Set

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation, or NGC, has announced they will be offering special holders with special designations for the upcoming release of the American Legion Proof silver dollar and the American Veterans Silver Medal. The designations of “Early Releases” and “First Releases” will also be available for the Mint sealed set of these coins that arrive at NGC within the first 30 days of release.

As readers likely know, the American Legion and Veterans Medal set will be available from the US Mint on Monday, May 20, 2019 starting at Noon Eastern Time. That is 9:00 am Pacific. The set will be $99.95 and you can see the product page on the Mint’s site here as well as sign up for a reminder when they go on sale.

The 2019 American Legion Proof Silver Dollar was initially released in March 2019 (you can get it here from the Mint). That coin, produced in the Philadelphia mint, has a production limit of 400,000 across all product sets, including this upcoming coin and medal set. Meanwhile, the American Veterans Silver Medal will have a production limit of just 10,000 which is the same number of this set.

NGC 2019 American Legion Silver Coin Holder

NGC has laid out specific instructions for getting this coin and medal set graded and put into special holders.

If you want to submit your sets in bulk, you can get the “Early Releases” and “First Releases” designations for an additional $10 per set.

For more details, be sure to check out the Press Release from NGC.

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