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Today’s Deal – 1939 Mercury Dime Choice Uncirculated for $20

Today’s Deal is on a 1939 Mercury Dime. It is being sold in choice uncirculated condition for $19.95 on Amazon. It is a great addition to any collection, be it for your Type Set or to help complete your Mercury Dime set.

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While the seller of the coin, Phanatic Sports Memorabilia, doesn’t list an actual grade for the coin, generally the term “choice” will mean it should grade MS-63 or higher. In that case, this makes this purchase a good deal as the book value on a MS-63 1939 Mercury Dime is $25.

1939 Mercury Dime

The Mercury dime remains one of the most popular coins in US coinage. Produced from 1916 to 1945, it is also one of the longest production of any design. All Mercury’s are 90% silver and finding them in Extra Fine or higher grade is not too difficult nor expensive. This 1939 Dime is a good example of both and make a nice addition to any collection.

Of course you have the same 30-day return policy as you do with other coin purchases on Amazon so if it doesn’t meet your standards, you can always return it.

At the time of this writing, there were four of these available and in stock. To get more details or to order, head to the product page on Amazon. Oh, and for you Amazon Prime customers, you get free two-day shipping which means if you order today, you’ll have it on Friday in the lower 48 states.

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