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NCIC Shares Good News on A Valuable Coin Recovery

Numismatic Crime Information Center Shield

Numismatic Crime Information Center Shield

Some good news for collectors was we start the new year. The Numismatic Crime Information Center, NCIC, has reported that a lost package of high value coins has been recovered.

The loss happened on or around November 20, 2019. The coins in question were in transit from Houston, Texas to Louisville, Kentucky. At some point in the journey, the package was either lost or stolen. Details of exactly what happened were not shared.

Here is the list of coins involved:

Now for the good news. The package containing these coins was recovered on December 26, 2019. Again, details are scarce on what exactly happened and how the package was recovered. The end result however is that all seven of the valuable coins have been recovered.

NCIC has proven to be instrumental in solving Numismatic crimes since its inception in 1987. The not-for-profit organization was founded and still operated by Doug Davis. Mr. Davis was the former Chief of Police for Pantego, Texas and specializes in Numismatic crimes.

You can get more information about the organization here and as it is a non-profit, you can make tax deductible donations.

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