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Today’s Deal – 1982 George Washington Silver Commemorative Half Dollar

Today’s Deal is on the fantastic 1982 George Washington Silver Commemorative Half Dollar. The commemorative comes from the Denver Mint and is made of 90% silver. Today over at Amazon you can pick one up uncirculated for just $16.99.

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The George Washington Commemorative Half Dollar was struck to commemorate the 250th birthday of the first President of the United States. It also has a couple of other interesting distinctions. It was the first commemorative Half Dollar struck since 1954. Further, it was the first 90% silver coin produced by the United States Mint since 1964. It is an easily affordable piece to add to your collection, even if commemorative coins are not necessarily your focus, given its unique place in US numismatics.

The Obverse depicts Washington on horse back while the Reverse shows the east facade of Washington’s home, Mount Vernon.

1982 George Washington Commemorative Clad Half Dollar Proof Obverse
1982 George Washington Commemorative Clad Half Dollar Proof Reverse

Only 2.2 million of the commemorative were minted.

As is always the case with coin purchases through Today’s Deal, this commemorative comes with a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with the coin you receive, simply return it for a refund. Also, for those of you who are Amazon Prime members, you get free shipping.

To get more details or to order one, head to the product page at Amazon.

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