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NCIC Seeking Help in Residential Coin Theft in Wisconsin

Numismatic Crime Information Center Shield

Numismatic Crime Information Center Shield

The Numismatic Crime Information Center, or NCIC, is asking for the public, collector, and dealer’s help in solving a significant coin theft. The theft happened in Milwaukee, Wisconsin when someone posing as a utility worker gained access to the victim’s home.

The NCIC writes,

The victim advised a male knocked on his front door and said he was from the city water department.  He claimed there was a potential issue with fecal matter in the water supply and needed to check the incoming water in the basement of the residence. The suspect and victim went to the basement to “check” on the water.  In the meantime, another male entered the house and ransacked it while looking for valuables.  

Numismatic Crime Information Center Press Release

The list of coins that were stolen from the home is extensive with most of the coins being PCGS certified. That will making the reselling of coins more difficult but collectors and dealers should keep a watchful eye on anything they see for sale, especially if it is a “too good to be true” price.

Here is a partial list of what was stolen provided by NCIC.

If any reader has information on this crime, please contact NCIC’s Doug Davis at 817-723-7231 or

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