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Last of 2019 American Eagle Enhanced Reverse Proof Coins On Sale Today

Today is your final opportunity to pick up one of the Enhanced Reverse Proof American Eagle silver 1-ounce coins from the United States Mint. Less than 100 of the 30,000 coins minted remain available and starting at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific, the Mint is set to sell those remaining coins.

The coins is priced at $65.95 and comes in the blue velvet case that American Eagles come in these days along with a Certificate of Authenticity. The Mint will be enforcing a strict limit of 1 per household. Additionally, the Mint is not offering product exchanges on this Enhanced Reverse Proof coin given its limited availability. Only returns and refunds will be processes.

A standard reverse proof coin is one featuring an “inverted” proof finish. The background is frosted, while the design elements are polished to a mirror-like finish, creating a magnificent contrast. This enhanced reverse proof coin has the same frosted background as a reverse proof coin, but what sets it apart are the multiple polished and frosted finishes applied to different isolated design elements. The selective polishing and frosting dramatically enhances the visual impact of the design.

United States Mint
2019 American Eagle Silver Enhanced Reverse Proof

2019 was the first time since 2013 than this finish was offered on the American Eagle silver coin which, when coupled with the low 30,000 total production limit, has made the coin a prized and high value coin.

Clearly these remaining coins will go very quickly today. If you are in hopes of getting one, be by your computer at Noon Eastern, 11:00 AM Central, 10:00 AM Mountain, and 9:00 AM Pacific to try to get one – and good luck!

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