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United States Mint Highlights Changes Coming to Type-2 American Eagle Obverse Designs

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The United States Mint has released highlights of the changes coming to the Type-2 American Eagle Obverse designs for the gold and silver coins. The focus with the new Type-2 coins has been on the new Reverse designs but the Mint has taken time to make minor updates and security updates to the Obverse of the gold and silver coins. When the new designs were announced last year, the Mint made mention of some new security features. Now we get to see some of those in the images released by the Mint.

For the Type-2 American Eagle gold Obverse, several improvements have been highlighted by the Mint, as seen in the images below. These improvements include improvements to the look of Liberty’s eyes, restoring the shape of the rays and olive branch, and improvements on the artists initials.

American Eagle Gold Type-2 Obverse Changes (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

On the Reverse of the coin, beyond the actual design change, the Mint has made other enhancements such as the variation in the reeded edge, the medallic artist and artistic infusion program designer initials, and highly crafted details on the Eagle using new technology at the Mint.

American Eagle Gold Type-2 Reverse Changes (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

Turning to the Type-2 American Eagle silver coin, many of the same enhancements can be found on the Obverse of the coin. Specifically, the Obverse has returned Liberty’s bonnet and eyes to the original sculpted intent, restored the flag’s drapery, the shape of the rays, and the font on the coin emulates that which was used on the 1916 Walking Liberty Half Dollar.

American Eagle Silver Type-2 Obverse Changes ((Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

On the Reverse, we see the reeded edge variation, high detail on the wings of the Eagle thanks to new technology, as well as the medallic and AIP designer’s initials.

American Eagle Silver Type-2 Reverse Changes (Image Courtesy of the United States Mint)

The Mint highlights that these features are design to improve the overall eye appeal of the coins but also bring improved security to the coins to help cut down on counterfeiting. Further, the Mint has published this information so collectors will be able to identify a true American Eagle over a counterfeit.

The new American Eagles will be released in July directly from the United States Mint in Uncirculated and Proof condition. Bullion condition coins can be purchased through Authorized Purchasers.

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