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First Look! 2022 American Buffalo Gold Coin

The United States Mint has released the official high resolution images of the 2022 American Buffalo gold one-ounce bullion coin. The coin, which is available through bullion Authorized Purchasers of the Mint, will begin shipping to customers next week who pre-order through an Authorized Purchaser.

The 2022 American Buffalo will feature the same design that the coin has had since is initial release back in 2006. As a reminder to new collectors who have not purchased bullion coins before, a few notes. Bullion coins, which bare no Mint Mark, are produced in West Point. The American Buffalo bullion coin has an uncirculated-like finish (it is not Burnished).

The Obverse depicts a Native American similar in look to that of the Indian Head Nickel by James Earle Fraser. Fraser maintained that he created the iconic portrait through the mixing of facial features of three American Indian tribe chiefs:  Big TreeIron Tail, and Two Moons. Fraser indicated that all three of these chieftains had posed for him in the making of the Nickel which is now used on the American Buffalo coin.

2022 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

The Reverse of the coin uses Fraser’s Nickel Reverse. Specifically, it uses the Type 1 design which was introduced on the Nickel in early 1913.

2022 American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin Reverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

To learn more about the American Buffalo gold coin, you can check out this Coin History Article.

In December, many Authorized Purchaser companies of the United States Mint began offering the 2022 American Buffalo for pre-sale. USCoinNews’ preferred bullion dealer, APMEX, has the coins available for pre-order with shipment expected on January 13, 2022. You can find the coin on the APMEX site here.

Editors Note: is not an affiliate partner of APMEX. However, APMEX is the bullion dealer of choice for the site based on their customer service, pricing, and speed of shipment.

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