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United States Coast Guard One Ounce Silver Medal Sales Start September 26th

The United States Mint will begin sales of the United States Coast Guard one-ounce silver medal on its site starting at Noon Eastern on September 26th. The medal is the second medal honoring the United States Military branches to be released this year. The medal honoring the Air Force was released earlier this year.

Unlike the Air Force one-ounce silver medal, the Mint will not have a limited production of the medal honoring the USCG, nor is there a household purchase limit. The price of the medal is set at $65.00 each. The Mint also offers an Enrollment Program of the United States military medals.

The United States Coast Guard (USCG) is the maritime security, search and rescue, and law enforcement service branch of the United States Armed Forces and one of the country’s eight uniformed services. The Coast Guard is a maritime, military, multi-mission service unique among the U.S. military branches for having a maritime law enforcement mission with jurisdiction in both domestic and international waters and a federal regulatory agency mission as part of its duties


The medal is a stunning design that captures the essence of the Coast Guard both on the Obverse and Reverse of the medal. The Obverse, featuring a Guard cutter ship, was designed by Richard Masters with Michael Gaudiso as the Metallic Artist.

United States Coast Guard Silver Medal (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

The Reverse is design features the Guard’s insignia with its motto and a delicate rope around the rim. It was designed by Thomas Hipschen and the Metallic Artist was Renata Gordon

United States Coast Guard Silver Medal Reverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

It is unlikely that this medal will sell out on debut. The Air Force silver medal did not sell out until two weeks after its release. Sales will begin at the normal time of Noon Eastern on September 26th directly on the Mint’s site.

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