Today’s Deal – 1981 Susan B Anthony Dollar 3-Coin Set for $12

1981 Susan B Anthony 3-coin Set

Following up from this morning’s Coin History article, Today’s Deal is aimed at helping you get your Susan B Anthony Dollar collection started. Right now on Amazon you can pick up the three-coin set from 1981 of the SBA for $11.99. The three coins are the 1981-P, 1981-D, and 1981-S and they are all being sold in their original US Mint cello packets. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon. This article contains …

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Coin History – The Short Lived Susan B Anthony Dollar

1999 Susan B Anthony Dollar

One of the most polarizing and short lived coins in our currency history was the Susan B Anthony Dollar. Plagued by unpopularity because of its size and a lackluster design, the SBA was almost doomed from the start. Discussions of a new dollar coin began in 1976 with both vending machine companies and the public pushing back against the size of the then Dwight D. Eisenhower “Ike” Dollar coin. The Treasury Department and Congress wanted …

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Opinion – As a Numismatist, it is Our Job to Educate

Ike Dollar Coins

Over the past few weeks I’ve stopped and started this article several times, not exactly sure how I wanted to write it. I firmly believe that, as a Numismatist, it is our job to educate people not only about the hobby of coin collecting, but about our coinage history in the United States (or insert your country here). Whether it be a podcast, webcast, or simply spending time at a coin show or with a …

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Today’s Deal – Complete Presidential Dollar Set from Denver Mint for $99

2016 Presidential Dollar Coin Richard M. Nixon Uncirculated Obverse

If you have been looking to significantly add to your Presidential Dollar collection, Today’s Deal is one you need to consider. Right now you can pick up the complete 39-coin set from the Denver mint, uncirculated, for $99. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon for Today’s Deals. This article contains links that, when clicked and a purchase is made, will generate a small commission to the site. Those commissions are used to …

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