Coin History – Westward Journey Jefferson Nickels

In 2004 and 2005, the Jefferson Nickel was significantly altered for the first time in its long history. Having been in production since 1938, The 5-Cent piece that had depicted the third President of the United States, had undergone virtually no changes from then up until 2003, some 65 years on. The only exception were in World War II when the composition of the Nickel changed to have 35% silver and the mint mark was …

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Today’s Deal – 2019-S Jefferson Nickel Proof for $6

2019-S Jefferson Nickel Proof

As is sometimes the case with the Today’s Deal posts, today’s post isn’t so much about a good deal but rather an opportunity. The 2019-S Jefferson Nickel in proof state is a reasonably difficult coin to come by even with high production numbers. So when the opportunity comes up to pick one up, even if it is a little higher than book value, it is one to consider. Right now you can pick one of …

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