The Simple Joy of Coin Roll Hunting

Mercury Dimes from a Coin Roll

If you look back at how you started coin collecting, chances are it was one of two ways. Either you found something in your pocket change one day that caught your eye, prompting you to investigate and start collecting. This is how it was for me in my early teens. The other way many start is by opening up rolls of coins (coin roll hunting) and see what is inside, be it a brilliant new …

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2019 US Mint Uncirculated Sets Available May 14th

2019 US Mint Uncirculated Set

A reminder for readers who collect the annual Uncirculated Sets from the US Mint. The 2019 version of the set will go on sale next Tuesday, May 14, 2019 at Noon Eastern. The 21-coin set is priced at a $21.95 and you can buy it directly from the Mint here on Tuesday. And yes, it is 21 coins this year, not the normal 20 of the past few years. The new addition for this year …

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Royal Mint of Australia and US Mint Team Up for Apollo 11 Proof Set

Royal Mint of Australia Apollo 11 Anniversary Proof Coin

Here at US Coin News, we don’t post a lot about mint activities in other countries because, well, the hint is in our name. But this unique opportunity is one that made us bend the rules a little bit. The Royal Mint of Australia and the US Mint have teamed up to create a two-coin proof set of commemorative coins to celebrate the Apollo 11 moon landing. The set consists of the clad Apollo 11 …

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US Mint Sells Out of 2019 Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin

2019 Platinum American Eagle Obverse

The special 2019 Platinum American Eagle bullion coin has officially sold out. The US Mint, which produced 40,000 of the coins in total, sold the last of them in April. The US Mint was limited to overall platinum bullion coin minting to 40,000 coins. Initially, there were 30,000 coins made but when the initial allotment was purchased, the remaining 10,000 were struck and released. The Platinum American Eagle went on sale starting on January 7, …

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Today’s Deal – Complete Presidential Dollar Set from Denver Mint for $99

2016 Presidential Dollar Coin Richard M. Nixon Uncirculated Obverse

If you have been looking to significantly add to your Presidential Dollar collection, Today’s Deal is one you need to consider. Right now you can pick up the complete 39-coin set from the Denver mint, uncirculated, for $99. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon for Today’s Deals. This article contains links that, when clicked and a purchase is made, will generate a small commission to the site. Those commissions are used to …

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