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Central States Numismatic Society Cancels 2020 Convention Due to COVID-19

LIncoln Cents

The Central States Numismatic Society (CSNS) has announced its cancellation of its 2020 convention. The event, scheduled for April 22-25, 2020 is being called off due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic. It is the latest Numismatic-centric event to be cancelled. Our focus is the safety and health of our booth holders, exhibitors, collectors and the general public. Therefore, in accordance with recommendations from health officials to cease activities where people gather together in large and …

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United States Mint Closes Public Tours and Gift Shops in Response to COVID-19

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Like many businesses across the country, the United States Mint is taking measure to slow the spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19) in the country. On Friday, the Mint announced that the public tours offered at the Denver and Philadelphia Mint locations would be suspended. No time line was provided on when these tours would be resumed. In addition, gift shops at both the Denver and Philadelphia Mints have been closed as has the Coin Store in …

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