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Mint to Release First Youth Coin and Currency Set

The United States Mint is gearing up to release its first Youth Coin and Currency Set. The 2019 Set will be released on October 31, 2019 and is a unique way to get children excited about coin collecting.

The $29.95 set will feature all five of the 2019 America The Beautiful Quarter coins released in 2019 along with a $2 Federal Reserve note. The set will come in a fun tri-fold holder featuring the characters from the Mighty Minters.

The 2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set contains a tri-fold presentation folder with an outer sleeve. It is the third of three new youth-oriented products the United States Mint is offering in 2019 featuring the new Mighty Minters™ characters—Timothy, Lina, Alex, Eli, and Layla. These are fun, diverse, and relatable ambassadors to children, parents, and gift-givers. Each character projects its own style while introducing a variety of new Mint products to kids.

United States Mint

As a reminder, the 2019 ATB Quarters are as follows:

2019 Youth Coin and Currency Set

Sales of this new youth focused offering will start on Halloween, October 31st at Noon Eastern. These sets are limited, with a production of just 25,000. Further, there is a household limit of 1 set. Combining these factors, if you are thinking of getting one for a child in your life, it is best to get on the Mint’s site as quickly as possible to assure you get one. I would encourage readers to use the “Remind me” feature on the Mint’s site to get an email or text message reminder of when they go on sale.

To find out more information or to set up that reminder, head to the product page at the Mint.

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