US Mint Sells Out of 2019 Platinum American Eagle Bullion Coin

The special 2019 Platinum American Eagle bullion coin has officially sold out. The US Mint, which produced 40,000 of the coins in total, sold the last of them in April.

The US Mint was limited to overall platinum bullion coin minting to 40,000 coins. Initially, there were 30,000 coins made but when the initial allotment was purchased, the remaining 10,000 were struck and released.

The Platinum American Eagle went on sale starting on January 7, 2019. By the end of January, it had sold 27,100 of the coins that have a face value of $100. In February through April, the remaining 12,900 coins were bought – 2,400 in February, 4,000 in March, and 6,500 in April.

2019 Platinum American Eagle Obverse
2019 Platinum American Eagle Obverse

As a reminder, these bullion coins are not sold to the public by the US Mint. Rather, they are sold to authorized purchasers who buy a high number of these coins. Eventually some of these coins end up on the market for the public to purchase through dealers. Most often, they are sent to grading services like NGC or PCGS for grading prior to hitting the open market, but not always the case.

You can find some of these coins on Amazon, both raw (non-graded) and graded for sale.

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