Today’s Deal – Fourth Edition of A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents

A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents, 4th Edition (Image Courtesy of Whitman Publishing)

Today’s Deal is on the recently released updated and expanded fourth edition of the popular book, A Guide Book of Lincoln Cents. Popular numismatist, Q. David Bowers wrote the book, while the late David Lange wrote the forward of the new fourth edition. The guide book has expanded to 328 pages, including market analysis and information on each date and mintmark through 2023. Today, you can pick up this great addition to any numismatic library for $20.25 with free shipping. …

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Today’s Deal – 1915-S Lincoln Cent NGC Certified F-15

1915-S LIncoln Cent NGC Certified

Today’s Deal is on a key date coin in the Lincoln Cent Series. The 1915-S Lincoln Cent is one of a handful of low-mintage, key date coins that can be difficult to obtain. Today, you can pick one up that has been certified by Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) as grade F-15 for $39.99. That is $5 over the book value, but the value of the NGC certification is $17 alone, making this a great deal …

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Coin Production Costs Outlined in The United States Mint Annual Report

Lincoln Cent Reverse

The United States Mint has released its 2021 Annual Report to the public. You can read the highlights here on USCoinNews. One of the key areas of the in the report is the “Cost of Producing and Distributing Coins by Denomination” which is found on page 12 of the report. The most telling – and damning – figure in coin production costs section of the report is the reported two cents that it costs the …

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PCGS Reclassifies Early American Fugio Cent as Regular-Issue U.S. Mint Coin

Fugio Cent (Image Courtesy of PCGS)

The following is a Press Release from Professional Coin Grading Service (PCGS) announcing that it has reclassified the early Federal Fugio Cent as a United States Mint regular issue coin. The decision comes after extensive research of documents from the Board of Treasury in 1787 which indicated that the Cent was intended to be a regular issue coin. The Fugio Cent has long been one of the most enjoyed early American collectibles, and now numismatists can count …

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Coin History – The Flying Eagle Cent

1958 Flying Eagle Cent Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Throughout the course of history of circulating coinage in the United States, few have had a quicker demise than that of the Flying Eagle Cent. The coin, fraught with die issues, lasted only two years. Those 1857 and 1858 coins, while short lived, from a numismatic perspective, are important. The importance is not just the limited production and short life. This coin, arguably, turned many onto the idea of coin collecting in the late 19th …

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