Century-Old $1 Gold Collection Assembled by Henry Chapman Revealed

1863 $1 gold PCGS MS68 CAC

A previously unreported, nearly complete date set of 19th-century United States $1 denomination gold coins assembled by legendary Philadelphia dealer Henry Chapman has been revealed by Matador Rare Coins (www.MatadorRareCoins.com) in New York City. Stored until recently in a Philadelphia bank vault and safe deposit boxes for more than a century, the formerly hidden collection has 51 Liberty Head and Indian Princess Head dollars struck between 1849 and 1889 as well as eight U.S. commemorative …

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Coin History – The Denver Mint

Denver Mint

For the past one hundred and sixteen years, the United States Mint has struck coins at its Denver, Colorado facility. While the Mint has had a Denver location since 1863 – 159 years – the location started off small and essentially a depot for gold found by minders during the Colorado Gold Rush. But all that changed on February 1, 1906 and now the location is the largest producer of coins in the world, not …

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Coin History – The Flying Eagle Cent

1958 Flying Eagle Cent Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Throughout the course of history of circulating coinage in the United States, few have had a quicker demise than that of the Flying Eagle Cent. The coin, fraught with die issues, lasted only two years. Those 1857 and 1858 coins, while short lived, from a numismatic perspective, are important. The importance is not just the limited production and short life. This coin, arguably, turned many onto the idea of coin collecting in the late 19th …

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Coin History – The Kennedy Half Dollar

1964 Kennedy Half Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

It is possible, although not certain, that if President John F. Kennedy had not been assassinated on November 22, 1963 in Dallas, Texas, we could still be carrying Franklin Half Dollars in our pockets. The events of that November day changed the United States – and arguably the world – and that included the half dollar coin. As I shared in the Coin History article on the Franklin Half Dollar, the assassination of Kennedy brought …

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Coin History – The Sacagawea & Native American Dollar

2000-S Sacagawea Dollar Proof

Over the course of the last fifty years, the United States Treasury and United States Mint have tried multiple dollar coin designs to try to gain acceptance of the denomination by the public. The bad news is that all of those attempts have, to be put kindly, fallen flat. But there is a good news side of the story for us Numismatists: There are a plethora of great coin designs available over those fifty years. …

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Coin History – Franklin Half Dollar

1962 Franklin Half Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of NGC)

Throughout the history of coinage here in the United States, there are a few that are seemingly universally loved. The Saint Gaudens Double Eagle, the Morgan Dollar, and Indian Head “Buffalo” Nickel all come to mind. For many collectors, the Franklin Half Dollar is also on that list. Minted from 1948 to 1963, it is one of the shorter lived coins in our history but one of the be most beloved. In fact, it is …

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Coin History – The Indian Head “Buffalo” Nickel

1927 Indian Head Buffalo Nickel Obverse

Throughout the history of coinage in the United States, a handful of coins have captured the imagination of collectors and the general public at the same time. The Morgan Dollar certainly comes to mind as does the Winged Head “Mercury” Dime. Another coin that many would add to that list is the Indian Head Nickel, commonly known as the Buffalo Nickel. Minted from 1913 to 1938, the Buffalo nickel was one of the coins that …

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Coin History – Standing Liberty Quarter

1930 Standing Liberty Quarter - Fine

In the last Coin History article covering the Winged Liberty Head, or Mercury, Dime, I discussed the significant changes that happened to United States coinage in 1916. Misguided by the wrong interpretation of a law, the Mint was compelled to believe that it had to change the Half Dollar, Quarter Dollar, and Dime given they had been in circulation for 25 years. That wrong reading of the law led to the birth of the Mercury …

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Coin History – The Winged Head Liberty (Mercury Dime)

1939 Mercury Dime

The history of the Winged Head Liberty Dime, commonly referred to as the Mercury Dime, is one that nearly did not happen. A misunderstanding of a law brought it into being when the Mint thought it had to change the circulating coinage in the United States. It didn’t but like many collectors, I’m thankful the misreading of the law happened. If it hadn’t, we would not have one of the most beloved coins in the …

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Coin History – The Silver American Eagle

2019 American Eagle Silver Proof Obverse

One of the coins that many collectors look forward to each year is the Silver American Eagle. Available in bullion, Proof and Uncirculated condition – as well as some special one-off finishes – the Silver American Eagle is a relatively inexpensive way to add silver bullion to your portfolio or coin collecting. In fact, it can actually be used to fund your Individual Retirement Account (IRA). But like many coins throughout the coinage history of …

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