Elderly Oklahoma Woman’s Gift Bag Of Silver Half-Dollars May Be Worth $100,000+

Denver Mint sealed bag of 1963 half dollars

The following is a Press Release announcing the upcoming auction of a rare, mint-sealed 1963 Denver Mint bag. The bag, a gift to an elderly women from her father in the 1970s, contains 2,000 Franklin Half Dollars. A canvas bag containing 2,000 silver half-dollars struck in 1963 at the Denver Mint and sewn shut there 60 years ago will bring a pretty penny for an elderly northeast Oklahoma woman who received the coins as a gift from …

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Today’s Deal – NGC Certified 1959 Franklin Half Dollar

1959 (P) Frankling Half Dollar NGC Certified MS-64

Today’s Deal is a beautiful example of the Franklin Half Dollar and a great deal overall. The deal is on a 1959 Franklin Half Dollar certified by NGC as MS-64. It is priced at $29.99, just $2 over the book price for the coin alone in this grade. Add the value of the NGC certification; it is nearly a $20 savings. US Coin News is an affiliate partner with Amazon for Today’s Deals. This article contains …

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United States Mint Confirms 2022 Kennedy Half Dollars in Circulation

2022 Kennedy Half Dollar Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

For the second year in succession, the United States Mint has confirmed that it has produced 2022 Kennedy Half Dollar coins for circulation. The news came early in July when Mint spokesman confirmed that the Federal Reserve had placed an order for 5.2 million circulation quality Kennedy’s. The Mint produced 3 million in Denver and 2.2 in Philadelphia. This is in addition to the just-over 3 million what were produced for the Mint’s enrollment programs …

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Today’s Deal – 1960s Kennedy Half Dollar 40% Silver Set

1960s Kennedy Half Dollar 40% Silver Coins

Today’s Deal is an excellent opportunity to get the somewhat difficult to find 40% silver Kennedy Half Dollars from the 1960s. From 1965 through 1969, the Half Dollar contained 40% silver before moving to the Nickel-Copper clad in 1970 through to today. 1964 was the last year any circulating coin in the United States had 90% silver content. Right now, Hall of Fame Memorabilia has three of these 5-coin sets priced at $54.99 each including free shipping.  …

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Today’s Deal – All Barber Coinage On Sale at Dave’s Collectable Coins

Barber Coins Sale Banner (Image Courtesy of Dave's Collectable Coins)

Today’s Deal is actually an ongoing sale at Dave’s Collectable Coins. Now through June 4th, you can save 5% on all of the Barber coinage that is in stock. This includes Barber Dimes, Barber Quarters, and Barber Half Dollars. Grades and prices vary but you can get a full listing of all the coins available here. There is nothing you need to do to get the discount as it is automatically applied when you put …

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