NGC Announces Special Designations for Upcoming Silver American Eagle

As they have done with several US Mint releases lately, NGC (Numismatic Guaranty Corporation) has announced that they will have special holder designations for the upcoming 2019-W Silver American Eagle. Designations of Early Release and First Release will be available to those who submit the bullion coins in bulk.

The 2019-W American Eagle is set to be released by the US Mint on Wednesday, May 29, 2019. It will be $46.95 and orders will start at Noon Eastern Time on the 29th. That’s 9:00 am Pacific. You can check out the product page at the Mint’s site for details.

As with other similar special designations, NGC has strict rules on how you can get the Early Release and First Release designation. For First Release, the coin essentially has to be received by them at their facilities or one of their depots within one day of release. For Early Release, the coin has to be received within 30 days. In both cases, it is an additional $10 per coin to get the special designation and that has to be indicated on the order form.

NGC 2019-W Silver American Eagle Holder
NGC 2019-W Silver American Eagle Holder

As a reminder, if you want to submit your coins directly to NGC, you can do so as long as you have a membership to the service. That is $25 per annum. Otherwise you will need to submit your coins through an authorized NGC dealer.

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