Mail Bag – Report More Coin Auctions

Today’s Mail Bag question isn’t really a question but more of a request. It comes from Carl W, who used the contact form on the About page to reach out. They write,

You never report any coin auctions on your site. You need to report more on them because it is important.

Carl W

Thanks for taking the time to write Carl and I 100% agree with you: Coin auctions are important. But equally, they are not the focus of Let me explain.

When I developed the idea of the site, I wanted to focus on collectors like me and the vast majority of those that I know. That is, the causal but serious collector, not necessarily the investment collector. Indeed, the first paragraph on the About page says it all.

US Coin News was founded in May 2019 and it is aimed at the casual United States Coin Collector. The focus of the site is to bring news, tips, tricks and information to help collectors who are starting out or seasoned collectors. Generally speaking, there won’t be many posts about ultra rare coins or high priced auction coins. Rather, our focus is on those who enjoy the hobby, for the hobby and not necessarily for investments.


It isn’t that I don’t care about these auctions Carl, but rather it is simply not the focus of the site. And I have, from time to time, posted on a few auctions of rare coins but they aren’t something I will do consistently.

The good news is there are a lot of sites that carry articles about coin auctions. Coin News and Numismatic News are two great sources for coin auction updates and information.

Thanks again for writing Carl.

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