Mint Produced 1.3 Billion Coins in July 2019

The United States Mint has released its production report for July 2019. In it, it shows that 1.329 billion coins were produced across both the Denver and Philadelphia locations for the month. That is down from the over 2 billion produced in June. The report is for circulation coins only and does not include commemoratives or special production coins like proofs.

Overall, 714,800,000 Cents were produced in July with 353,600,000 coming from the Denver mint while Philadelphia produced 361,200,000. That puts the total Cent production for 2019 at 4,559,200,000 coins.

For Nickel production, a total of 116,300,000 were produced in July. That is up slightly from June (104.6 million). Denver produced 55,920,000 coins while Philadelphia produced 60,380,000 five-cent pieces.

A total of 242,500,000 Dime coins were produced for the month with 147,000,000 being made in Philadelphia. Denver made 95,500,000 of them. Quarter production was very small at only 75,600,000 with the Denver mint producing the bulk of them at 61,200,000.

As has been the case these past few months, the mint did not produce any Native American Dollar or Presidential Dollar coins for the month.

As with other reports from the United States Mint, production reports can be found on the Mint’s site at this link.

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