US Mint Production Report – Fewer than 800 Million Coins in August

The United States Mint has release its production report for August 2019. It showed that fewer than 800 million coins were struck for circulation by the Mint facilities, a virtual stand still when compared to previous months. In all, 767,420,000 million coins were struck for the month of August, down from the 1.2 billion that were struck in July. It brings the total Mint production for 2019 to 8,548,374,000 coins struck for circulation.

As is always the case, the Lincoln Cent had the highest mintage for the month of August according to the production report. A total of 460,000,000 coins were struck in the month with the Philadelphia facility producing the most of them at 257,600,000. That means the Denver Mint made up the other 202,00,000 Cents.

As far as Jefferson Nickels are concerned, a total of 69,220,000 of them were produced in August, bringing the total for 2019 to 824,934,000. Once again, the Philadelphia Mint produced the most Nickels. That facility made 37,060,000 for the month and Denver minted 32,160,000.

164,000,000 Roosevelt Dimes were minted in July according to the Mint’s production report. 98 million of them were made in Philadelphia while the remaining 66 million were produced in Denver. It was a little more even when it came to production of Washington Quarters. A total of 74,200,000 of them were produced in July, 39.2 million of them in Philadelphia and 35 million in Denver.

As has been the case since early in 2019, no Native American Dollars nor Kennedy Half Dollars were produced in July. Given the limited circulation of both of these coins, the ones that were produced at the beginning of the year will likely be the only ones that are minted.

To do a comparison, in all of 2018, the United States Mint produced 13,125,414,000 total coins (that’s 13.1254 billion coins). If the Mint continues its same rate of production for circulation coins, in 2019 it will likely not exceed that number. The current mintage rate when averaged out, suggests that there will be just over 11 billion coins produced this year.

The Mint’s production report is released every month, generally on the first Monday of the first full week of the month. It is a matter of public record and available at this link on the Mint’s website.

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