Sales of New Jersey American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof Begin January 7th

The United States Mint will begin sales of the New Jersey American Innovation Reverse Proof coin start January 7, 2020. The coin, the third of the series released in 2019, will be available starting at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific directly from the Mint’s site. It is priced at $11.50 per coin.

The Reverse Proof coin is minted in the Mint’s San Francisco facility and comes in a stylish and informational four-panel envelope packaging with embedded Certificate of Authenticity and protective outer sleeve.

For those new to Numismatics, a Reverse Proof coin features a frosted background (field) with the design elements of the coin highly polished. This type of Proof is one of the newest offered by the US Mint.

New Jersey American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof
New Jersey American Innovation Dollar Reverse Proof

While each American Innovation Dollar has a common Obverse, the Reverse is unique to each state or territory they represent. For New Jersey, it is about the lightbulb and Thomas Edison.

It features an electric lightbulb, developed by Thomas Edison and his team of researchers, who made light bulbs available to the public. Prior to Edison and his researchers, earlier light bulbs from the 1830s had very short lifespans, used too much energy, or were simply too expensive to produce. By 1879, Edison and his team had managed to produce a bulb with a filament that could last 14.5 hours, and with continued work, they managed to improve to a filament with a lifetime of 1,200 hours. This marked the beginning of commercially manufactured light bulbs, giving people easy control over light in homes and businesses, drastically changing infrastructure, business, and society.

United States Mint

As with the previous Reverse Proof coins, the New Jersey variety has limits. Only 75,000 of them will be minted and this particular product will only have 75,000 produced. Further, there is a household limit of 5. These are the same limits that were on the previous releases in the series.

Readers are advised to get on the Mint’s site and order their New Jersey American Innovation Reverse Proof as soon as it is available.

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