Today’s Deal – Complete 1990s Kennedy Half Proof Set

Today’s Deal is a great opportunity to fill in those Kennedy Half Dollar Proofs from the 1990s to your collection. Phanatic Sport Memorabilia has a great deal going on their Amazon store front. You can pick up a 10-coin set of Kennedy Half Dollars in Proof condition for $39.99.

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All in, you get the following coins as part of this set:

  • 1990-S
  • 1991-S
  • 1992-S
  • 1993-S
  • 1994-S
  • 1995-S
  • 1996-S
  • 1997-S
  • 1998-S
  • 1999-S

All ten of these coins are in Proof condition and all are the clad variants of the coins. Remember, starting in 1992, a silver Proof version was made available from the United States Mint.

1990-S Through 1999-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar
1990-S Through 1999-S Proof Kennedy Half Dollar

Overall this is an exceptionally good value. Price wise, this breaks down to roughly $4 per coin. That is far less than, for example, the 1995-S which has a book value of $15 by itself. The 1997-S has a book value of $12 by itself too. At $40, it will allow you to complete a decade of Kennedy half dollars without breaking the bank to do it.

To get more details or to order a set, head over to the product page at Amazon. Remember that you have a 30-day satisfaction guarantee and return policy when you purchase from Amazon. At the time of this post, 16 of these sets were available for purchase.

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