Mint Production Report – 1.2 Billion Coins Minted in January 2020

The United States Mint has released the January 2020 Production Report, the first such report for 2020. For the month, the Mint produced 1,228,080,000 coins with that production being nearly even across the Denver and Philadelphia Mint facilities.

For January 2020, 668.4 million Lincoln Cents were minted, accounting for over half of the Mint’s total production for the month. In Denver, 334,000,000 Cents were produced while in Philadelphia, 323,400,000 were produced.

A total of 126.72 million Jefferson Nickels were produce in the month, 72.96 million in Denver and the remaining 53.76 million in Philadelphia. Meanwhile, 173.5 million Roosevelt Dimes were minted with 82.5 million of those produced in Denver and 91 million in Philadelphia.

The Washington Quarter was the second highest production coin for January behind the Lincoln Cent. A total of 255 million of them were minted, 123.2 million of those were from Denver. The Philadelphia Mint produced 131.8 million.

The Kennedy Half Dollar saw minimal production for January with only 1.8 million of them minted, all of which came from the Denver Mint. Finally, the Native America Dollar was minted 2.66 million times in the month. 1.26 million of those came from Denver while the remaining 1.4 million were made in Philadelphia.

There were no Presidential Dollars produced in January which was expected. However, we likely will see production of this Dollar coin get started up again late in the year with the legislation passed to produce the George H.W. Bush coin. President Trump signed that into law in January.

As a general rule, the Mint produces larger amounts of coins in the first three months of each year before tapering off towards the end of the year. It is likely that the Mint will produced between 10-11 billion coins in 2020 depending on demand.

The Product Report by the United States Mint is released each month and available directly from the Mint’s site. You can find it here.

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