Founding Fathers Currency Set Sells Out in 5 Days

Last week, the United States Mint released the 2020 Founding Fathers Currency Set. It took a mere five days for all 7,600 of the sets available to be sold. Currently, the Mint’s site shows that the product is unavailable.

The set was priced at $21.95 and was done in cooporation with the Bureau of Engraving and Printing, or BEP. This is the branch of the United States Treasury that is responsible for our paper currency. It featured a $1 and $2 Federal Reserve Note, both of which have a serial number starting with “2020”.

The production facility for both of the notes are either Washington, D.C. or Fort Worth, Texas. The Federal Reserve Bank for the notes is New York (denoted with a “B”)

Each set features a Series 2017 $1 note and a Series 2013 $2 note from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, each with matching serial numbers beginning with “2020.” This set is attractively packaged in a tri-fold folder, and a clear, acid-free polymer sleeve protects each note.

United States Mint
Founding Fathers 2020 Currency Set
Founding Fathers 2020 Currency Set

Given the low production limit of the set (8,000 Mintage limit with a 7,600 Production limit), these sets were expected to go fast. Further adding to the speed of the sellout was the lack of any household limit on this product.

It is possible that one or two may show up later on the Mint’s site after they run sales numbers (which they haven’t released to the public since January 12, 2020). If you still one want, you can setup a reminder when or if they become available again on the product’s page.

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