NGC Extends Early & First Release Eligibility due to COVID-19

Finally, some good news for collectors. NGC has announced that it is extending the eligibility of Early Release and First Release designations for 2020 coins. Normally, the window to get these coins in for these designations is 30 days. NGC has extended that to 45 days. This is due to local and regional shutdowns that have occurred because of Coronavirus (COVID-19).

NGC has temporarily extended the eligibility period for its popular Early Releases and First Releases designations to help customers affected by local and regional shutdowns due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) situation. The temporary extension will allow 45 days for a new coin issue to be submitted to NGC for these designations instead of the usual 30 days.

NGC Press Release

Any new coin issued between now and April 15 will qualify for Early and First Release designation if it is received within the 45-day window. There are no additional costs (other than the designation itself) for those who submit eligible coins.

2020-W Jefferson Nickel NGC First Release Label
2020-W Jefferson Nickel NGC First Release Label

Additionally, Early Release and First Release cutoff dates that are currently posted have been extended by 15 calendar days.

The news of extended eligibility for these designation will be welcome news to collectors who have not been able to submit coins in a timely manner. Many local and state governments have put significant restrictions in place on residents as the United States tries to curtail the infection rate of COVID-19. To date, over 14,000 Americans have been infected with the novel virus.

See Early Releases cutoff dates for US coins and World coins at these links on the NGC site. For more information about the Early Releases and First Releases designations, click here.

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