ANA Updates Site to be More Mobile Friendly

The American Numismatic Association (ANA) has announced some changes to their website that are aimed to make navigation easier on mobile devices. Like many sites, the ANA’s originated with a focus on desktop computer running MacOS or Windows 10. Increasingly however, access to the site was coming from mobile devices like iPhones and Android phones. Therefore, the Association focused efforts to make it more friendly to those device.

You can find the new site here.

The biggest change that users will see immediately is the new menu navigation. Gone is the mouse-over menu that was more desktop focused. Instead, you will see a “Hamburger” menu at the top of the page that, when tapped, expands the menu options for the site. Not only is it a cleaner look and easier on mobile devices to use, it is far less resource intensive too. These changes are visible on both iPhone and Android. Site on Android Site on Android

The second significant change is one that you won’t notice unless you do a search of the ANA’s site. The search engine now used by the site is powered by Google. That should mean that you see a significant improvement in the quality of results for the keyword in which you search on the site. This will also improve the overall findings on the site if you search directly from Google as it is optimized for the service. The improvement in the search engine are agnostic on the platform used to do the search: Mac, Windows, or mobile.

Be sure to check out the new site, especially from your smartphone. Also, for those that are curious, is fully mobile optimized and uses the Google site search engine.

Clinton, owner of, is a member of the ANA.

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