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Donald Trump Presidential Medal Design Candidates Released by CCAC

The design candidates for the Presidential Medal for President Donald Trump have been released to the public by the Citizens Coinage Advisory Committee. The medal series commemorates each United States President – and each term they serve – with two bronze medals: 1-5/16th inch medal and a larger 3-inch medal.

The United States Mint honors our Nation’s past Presidents with Presidential Medals. A detailed likeness of America’s Commanders-in-Chief appears on the keepsakes’ obverse, while the reverse design either harkens back to the series’ origin as peace medals during the colonial era or includes a quote from the featured President. The bronze medals are available up through our 44th President.

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Unlike circulating coinage and other commemoratives which require a President to be out of office for a given period of time or after their death, the President Medals are done in near real time to that President serving. Currently, the last medal produced in the series was the the second term of the 44th President, Barack Obama.

The medal for President Trump will be released in 2021, regardless of the outcome if the United States elections in November of this year. Below are the candidate designs released by CCAC for the medal.

Donald Trump Presidential Medal
Donald Trump Presidential Medal Page 2
Donald Trump Presidential Medal Page 3

Final designs for the bronze medal will be determined towards the end of this year or early next. The medal will then go into production likely by the middle of 2021.

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