ANA’s Two Bits Podcast Episode 2 Now Available

The second episode of the American Numismatic Association’s podcast, Two Bits, is now available. The 27-minute episode focuses on the wealth of Numismatic literature that is available to collectors as well as online resources.

In this episode of Two Bits, Doug and Mitch discuss some of the many excellent options available for numismatic reading.  They introduce the extensive online research tools of the Newman Numismatic Portal and The Numismatist Digital Archives, and they recommend some recent printed books that are likely to interest collectors.  Find out about the latest and greatest in the world of numismatic literature!

Two Bits Podcast

On the Two Bits site, the ANA has listed the specific references discussed in the podcast – but give it a listen anyway!

You can listen to the podcast directly on the ANA’s site following this link. You can also find the podcast in Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, and Pocketcast.

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