Augsburger and Orosz Selected As 2020 Numismatic Literary Guild Clemy Winners

The following is a Press Release from the Numismatic Literary Guild, announcing that Len Augsburger and Joel Orosz have been selected recipients of The Clemy, the highest honor given by the NLG.

Editors Note: Clinton, the editor of, is a member of the Numismatic Literary Guild.

August 18, 2020 — Respected researchers and award-winning numismatic authors Len Augsburger and Joel Orosz have received yet another prestigious award. They have been selected as the joint 2020 recipients of The Clemy, the highest honor given by the Numismatic Literary Guild ( 

            “The Clemy is a coveted, annual award presented in recognition of writing skill, dedication to numismatics, sense of humor and dedication to the Numismatic Literary Guild,” explained NLG Executive Director Ron Guth.

Len Augsburger and Joel Orosz
Len Augsburger and Joel Orosz

            Founded in 1968, the NLG is a nonprofit organization open to any editors, reporters, authors, writers, catalogers, webmasters, bloggers or producers of audio or video involving all forms of money, medals, tokens and other numismatic collectibles. Information about applying for NLG membership is available online at

            The organization’s annual awards presentation, known as “The Bash,” was scheduled for August 6, 2020 in conjunction with the American Numismatic Association’s Pittsburgh World’s Fair of Money. However, because of the convention’s cancelation due to the pandemic, the NLG awards were announced this year with an online video at The video was produced by NLG member Charles Morgan of 

            Here is a list of the 2020 award categories and winner as compiled by NLG awards coordinator David W. Lange. 


      a. United States or Early American Coins            

Winston Zack – Bad Metal: Copper and Nickel Circulating Contemporary Counterfeit 

United States Coins

      b. Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)               

Peter Van Alfen & Ute Wartenberg – White Gold: Studies in Early Electrum Coinage

      c. World Coins (1500 to Date)                                   

Charles Morgan & Hubert Walker – 100 Greatest Modern World Coins

      d. United States Paper Money                                  

Dennis Schafluetzel & Tom Carson – Tennessee Obsolete Paper Money 1800-1959

      e. World Paper Money                                                

(no entries)

      f. Tokens & Medals                                                      

Michael Ross – Jacques Wiener’s Most Remarkable Edifices of Europe

      g. Numismatic Investment or Marketplace           

(no entries)

      h. Numismatic History or Personalities                

Roger W. Burdette – Girl on the Silver Dollar

2. BOOK OF THE YEAR                                                    

Daryl J. Haynor – United States Classic Gold Coins of 1834-1839


      a. Early American Coins                                            

Christopher McDowell & Julia Casey – The Authentic Fugio Restrike Dies – Journal of Early 

American Numismatics

      b. U.S. Coins (1792 to Date)                                      

Tom DeLorey & Dan Owens – Not a Ghost of a Chance – The Numismatist

      c. Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)               

Thomas A. Palmer – From the Sublime to the Ridiculous – The Numismatist

      d. World Coins (1500 to Date)                                  

Lianna Spurrier – Japanese Bar Money –

      e. U.S. Paper Money                                                    

Jim Wells – Mind Your Business – The Numismatist

      f. World Paper Money                                                 

(no entries)

      g. Tokens & Medals                                                     

David Schenkman – Numismatics of the Civil War Era – Civil War Token Journal

      h. Numismatic Investment or Marketplace           

Steve Roach – Evaluating Quality – Coin World

      i. Numismatic History or Personalities                  

Q. David Bowers – John J. Ford: A Life in Three Portraits – Journal of Early American 


      j. James L. Miller Memorial Award – Article or Story of the Year        

Christopher McDowell & Julia Casey – The Authentic Fugio Restrike Dies – Journal of Early 

American Numismatics


      a. Early American Coins                                            

Ray Williams – Early American Money – The Numismatist

      b. U.S. Coins (1792 to Date)                                      

David W. Lange – USA Coin Album

      c. Ancient or Medieval Coins (pre-1500)               

NGC Ancients – NGC eNews

      d. World Coins (1500 to Date)                                  

Peter Anthony – Chinese Coins – NGC eNews

      e. Paper Money                                                             

Wendell Wolka – Paper Money – The Numismatist

      f. Tokens & Medals                                                      

David Schenkman – Tokens and Medals – The Numismatist

      g. Numismatic Investment or Marketplace           

Steve Roach – Coin Values Market Analysis – Coin World

      h. Ed Reiter Memorial Award For Best Column – Numismatic Publications           

David Schenkman – Tokens and Medals – The Numismatist

  1. The Maurice M. Gould Memorial Award for Best Column – Non-Numismatic Publications        
  2. (no entries)


      a. Best Investment Newsletter                                 

Liberty’s Outlook – Patrick A. Heller

      b. Best Professional Periodical                               

COINage – Antoinette Rahn & Scott Travers, Editors

      c. Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical – Large Circulation  

The Numismatist – Barbara Gregory, Editor

      d. Best Club or Not-for-Profit Periodical – Small Circulation  

The Gobrecht Journal, Bill Bugert, Editor


      a. Best Online News Website                                   

(no entries)

      bBest Dealer or Industry Website                         


      c. Best Non-Trade Website                                       

Newman Numismatic Portal

      d. Best Numismatic Social Media Platform or Coin Collector Forum           

Numismatic Guaranty Corporation

      e. Best Blog                                                                   

Scott Barman – Coin Collector’s Blog


      a. Best U.S. Coin Auction Catalog                          

Heritage Auctions – FUN Platinum Night

      b. Best World Coin Auction Catalog                      

Heritage Auctions – New York International Platinum Night

      c. Best Paper Money Auction Catalog                   

Stack’s/Bowers – The D. Brent Pogue Collection VI

      d. Best Book or Exonumia Auction Catalog        

Stack’s/Bowers – The John W. Adams Collection


      a. Radio                                                                          

Patrick A. Heller – Things You Know that aren’t So – 1320 WILS

      b. Audio                                                                          

Coin World Podcast

      c. Television                                                                  

(no entries)

      d. Short Video – Commercial or Non-Commercial         

Lianna Spurrier – Getting to Know Eric P. Newman – Newman Numismatic Portal

    e. Long Video – Commercial or Non-Commercial          

(no entries)

      f. Still Photography                                                     

Philip Arnold

      g. Software or App                                                      

Heritage Live


      a. Lee Martin Founder’s Award – Best All-Around Portfolio    

Steve Roach

      b. Clement F. Bailey Memorial Award                    

(no entries)

      c. The Ribbit                                                                  

Jeff Garrett

      d. The Clemy                                                                 

Len Augsburger and Joel Orosz

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