PSA – Sign Up For The Mint’s Enrollment Program

A Public Service Announcement and reminder to readers of USCoinNews who buy products from the United States Mint. Consider signing up for the Enrollment Program for your favorite annual products. The Enrollment Program assures that you will get the latest product in the designated series of releases each year, but also gets that to you shipped free.

The Mint offers a wide range of Enrollment Program options for various products. These included:

  • American Eagle silver Uncirculated and Proof
  • Annual Proof Sets
  • Annual Uncirculated Sets
  • Presidential Silver Medals
  • America the Beautiful Quarter Bag, Rolls, 3-Coin Sets, and Proof Sets
  • Kennedy Half Dollar Bags and Rolls
  • American Innovation Dollar Bags, Rolls, and Reverse Proof Coins
  • Native American Dollar Bags and Rolls

To get started, go to the Enrollment Program page at the Mint’s site. There you will see all of the programs that are available. Select the one you want then the product in that program that you want to received. You’ll then “buy” the enrollment which will be at no cost and walk through the Mint’s normal check out process to enroll. Once completed, you will receive an email letting you know that you are enrolled for that product.

US Mint Enrollment Program
US Mint Enrollment Program Page

When a new product is released in the program you have signed up to receive, you will automatically be shipped that product and will be informed via email that your order has been placed. So for example, today the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve 3-coin America the Beautiful set will go on sale at Noon Eastern. When I woke up this morning at 7:00 Eastern, I had already received notification that my order had been placed.

The nice thing about these programs is that the Mint provides you free budget shipping on these products. Think of it as a bonus for signing up, saving you at least $4.50 per order. Further, you are in complete control of the programs you are signed up for from the Mint. You can see your enrollments on your Account under the My Enrollments section. There, you can toggle subscriptions on and off as you need to do so but remember that you must do this at least two days prior to a new product’s release.

Finally, keep in mind that the Enrollment Program scheme does not account for special releases. For example, the End of World War II American Eagle that is being released today. That is not included in the program even if you are subscribed to it.

Check out the details at the link above and sign up to make sure you get the latest annual products from the United States Mint.

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