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NCIC Reports Stolen Coins Recovered in Colorado Case

Good news this morning from the Numismatic Crime Information Center (NCIC). Several coins that were reported stolen back in June 2020 from Greenwood Village, Colorado have been recovered.

The coins were reported stolen back on June 20, 2020 and the list of coins was extensive:

  • 1901S Quarter G6 PCGS 353343610
  • 1913 Half dollar PR66 Cameo NGC 2141416-003
  • 1906 Quarter PR67 (Bruce Scher) PCGS 21765178
  • 1883-CC MS67 NGC 4427293-003
  • 1868 Quarter PR64 PCGS 5282238
  • 1927S $1 MS64+ (CAC) NGC 4244171-005
  • 1807 Fifty cent VF35 PCGS 35094793
  • 1915S $20 gold MS65 PCGS 2781133
  • 1855S $20 gold AU55 NGC 4877706-003
  • 1910S $20 gold MS64 NGC 2644784-005
  • 1886-O $1 MS60 NGC 4885423-002

While no details were provided by NCIC on how the coins were recovered, they have now all been accounted for and returned to their rightful owner in Colorado. Recoveries like this one often come down to coin dealers and shops, pawn shops, and the collecting community identifying these stolen coins and reporting them.

The Numismatic Crime Information Center is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation whose mission is to serve as a national and international resource for collectors, dealers and law enforcement in the education, prevention and investigation of crimes involving coins, paper money, tokens, medals and related numismatic items.

NCIC disseminates current crime related issues to the numismatic industry and provides local, state and federal law enforcement agencies with the fundamental investigative techniques, knowledge and understanding to respond effectively to the complex challenges encountered during a numismatic crime.

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