Mail Bag – High Resolution Coin Images

Today’s Mail Bag question comes from David and it has to do with the high resolution images of coins from the United States Mint. Specifically, they ask how they are obtained.


You post a lot of high quality pictures of coins from the mint. Where do you get them? Do you only get them because you are press?



Any time you see an image of a United States circulating coin, American Eagle, or commemorative, the odds are that it came from the United States Mint directly. The good news however is that these images are open to everyone, not just the Press or sites like

If you go to this link on the Mint’s site, you will find links to coins from the Mint. You can download these images for yourself to use. However, the Mint does have guidelines for how the coins can be used and credit for the image must be given to the Mint. For example, take a look at the caption on this 2021 Roosevelt Dime. This, or something similar, has to be noted on the image to use it properly.

2021-D Roosevelt Dime Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2021-D Roosevelt Dime Obverse (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

While the images page on the Mint site can be accessed by everyone, I strongly encourage readers to go over the guidelines prior to any publication.

I hope this helps David and thanks for writing in.

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