Mint Lists 2021 American Eagle Silver Two-Coin Reverse Proof Set

If you have been questioning what is going to be the hard-to-get, site crashing product that the United States Mint releases in 2021, we could now know. The Mint has updated its Product Schedule with product 21XJ: American Eagle 2021 Silver Reverse Proof Two-Coin Set. Prepare yourself and prepare your wallet.

The product page for the 2021 American Eagle two-coin release literally has no details as it appears to simply be a placeholder for now. Further, the release is listed as “Summer 2021” so there is no clear indicator of when exactly we can expect the Mint to release it. Additionally, there are no details available on exactly what this two-coin set is going to be when it is released. Time to let your speculation being.

2021 American Eagle Two-Coin Reverse Proof Product Page at The U.S. Mint
2021 American Eagle Two-Coin Reverse Proof Product Page at The U.S. Mint

I personally suspect that we will see this set consist of a Reverse Proof of the Type-1 Reverse (the “old” Reverse) and a Reverse Proof of the Type-2 (the “new” Reverse). The Summer 2021 release date will be after the Type-2 Reverse release for the American Eagle so it fits from a timing perspective. Further, it is already known that the Mint will be releasing individual American Eagle coins twice this year. The early releases will be the Type-1 Reverse and starting in April, the Type-2 will start appearing.

Assuming this is correct, you can expect it to be a limited set and it will be speedy. If I had to guess, I’d put this set at around $200 from the Mint. Reverse Proof coins, particularly American Eagles, have sold exceptionally well for the Mint so in this year of change for the series, it makes sense to make it with a special release of Reverse Proofs.

Of course, given the struggles that the Mint’s site has had with these one-off special releases, the hope is that whenever this two-coin set is released, the site will be able to keep up with the demand. The Mint has made improvements to help prevent such challenges but only a release like this will really test if the work has paid off.


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