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Liberty Street Software Releases CoinManage USA 2021

CoinManage USA 2021

Liberty Street Software has announced the release of CoinManage USA for 2021. The 2021 version of the coin collection management software brings several new features including a new report as well as the ability to track your coin status when it is out for grading. The app also has an updated pricing database and coins through to 2021.

CoinManage USA is one of the best overall coin collecting software apps for Windows-based PCs. I personally have been using the app for years and reviewed the 2020 version of it last February. There is a special upgrade price for owners of the 2020 version of the app.

Here is list of everything that is new in this release:

New Reports 

* We have a couple of new reports: Coins Grouped by Status & a new coin detail with images report you should find useful.

Track Coin Status 

* Keep track of the current status of a coin.  For example: ‘Out for Grading’, ‘Awaiting Delivery’,  etc..

Values Update and all  USA coins & sets.

For those who already own a previous version of CoinManage, you can get the updated 2020 version for $19.95. You should have an email offering you this upgrade price from Liberty Street. If you want physical media shipped to you, the upgrade price is $29.95.

If you are new to CoinManage, the United States-only version is $39.95 ($49.95 for physical media) while the Deluxe version for U.S., Canada, and United Kingdom coins is $59.95 ($69.95). You can also read my review of the 2019 version of the app here on the site. CoinManage is my coin collection management app and I highly recommend it for yours.

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