2021 American Buffalo Goes Into Back Order on Day of Release

Within hours of being available for purchase, the 2021 American Buffalo quickly moved to the United States Mint Back Order list. The one ounce gold proof coin went on sale yesterday at Noon and by 2:00 PM Eastern, the Mint’s product page for the coin indicated it was no longer available. Instead, it the site indicated that the coin was on back order it becoming available again on August 20, 2021.

The sell out was a slight surprise given this year’s price for the Buffalo. The one-ounce coin is priced at $2740.00, a heavier price than in recent years thanks to the increased cost of bullion. However, the coin remains one of the more popular releases by the Mint and price withstanding, it is clear the 2021 release is no different.

The good news is that the coin will eventually become available again. The Mint has no production or mintage limits in place for the American Buffalo so it is simply a matter of the Mint ramping up production once more at its West Point facility to produce the coins. If you want to pick one of these coins up for your collection or as an investment, you can go to the product page for the coin and click the Back Order button to place your order. Once the coins are available, your order will be fulfilled automatically for you and your credit card will be charged. Just don’t forget if you do this when you see the Mint charge on your credit card! By placing your order now, it also helps the Mint know how many of the coins to produce in this next round of production.

The American Buffalo gold coin made its debut in 2006. The uncirculated version of the coin was made available to dealers on June 20, 2006 while the proof version was made available to the public directly from the United States Mint on July 22, 2006

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