United States Mint Announces Enrollment Limits on 2021 Type-2 American Eagles

The United States Mint has informed participants of the Enrollment Program for the silver American Eagle that there will be a limit of 25 coins that can be purchased going forward for 2021. The move comes just weeks before the new Type-2 Reverse silver American Eagle is released to the public. The Mint plans on releasing a 2021-W and 2021-S proof versions of the new Eagle as well as a 2021-W Uncirculated variant of the new coin.

Please note that enrollment orders for the American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin will be limited to 25 coins. As a result, any existing enrollment orders for this coin will be limited to 25 coins for the scheduled 2021 release.  Product limits only apply to the 2021 coin. Enrollments for the 2022 American Eagle Silver One Ounce Proof Coin will not be impacted.

We apologize for any inconvenience. If you would like to manage your Product Enrollments, please log in to your Account to make adjustments. Please note while you may be able to select quantities of 25 coins or more, your enrollment order will be capped at 25, and you will only receive 25 coins.  Please ensure your preferences are updated by 11:59 p.m. ET two days prior to the product’s scheduled release date.

Thank you for shopping with the United States Mint.

United States Mint Email to Enrollment Program Members

For the Type-2 silver American Eagle, sales will kick off on July 1, 2021 with the release of the 2021-W American Eagle Proof. The Mint has indicated the price will be $73.00 but that is subject to change depending on bullion prices closer to its release. Next will be the 2021-S American Eagle Proof. It too is tentatively priced at $73.00 and will go on sale August 16, 2021. This will be followed up by the 2021-W American Eagle Uncirculated coin. It is scheduled to be priced at $67.00 and will be available starting September 9, 2021.

You can get the full release schedule of the Type-2 silver and gold American Eagle coins here.

The limiting of the number of coins for Enrollment Program members is not surprising and the Mint has done similar limitations in the past, most recently with the Type-1 American Eagle. Limiting the number of coins that can be purchased gives the Mint flexibility on making sure that the general collecting community who is not in the program have the opportunity to acquire the coins.

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