Mail Bag – Will The 2021 American Eagle Type-2 Coins Become More Valuable?

Today’s Mail Bag question is a good one in the afterglow of the release of the 2021 American Eagle Type-2 coins over the past few weeks (and a few more to come). Will these coins gain in value given they are a first year release? That was the question Chris sent in to the Mail Bag. Let’s discuss.


I wanted to get your thoughts on the new Type-2 eagles. Do you think they will go up in value quicker than other eagles because this is a first year of their release? The mintage numbers are kind of low so I think so but want to hear your thoughts.



Chris, I do think they will go up in value for the very reasons you named: First year release and low mintage. Equally though, you could make the argument that the Type-1’s for this year will also be at a slightly higher premium because they too had a low mintage when compared to previous years for the Eagle. This is particularly true of the silver Eagle.

However, I don’t think this will be an astronomical change in value. The 2021 American Eagle Type-2 coins will carry a slight premium as this decade moves on but ultimately it will be less than double digit differences, percentage wise, the say the 2020 American Eagles. So if an 2020 American Eagle sells for $50 in 2030, the 2021 Type-2’s will maybe sell for $60. Again, not a huge number difference.

What I would suggest Chris – and to others reading – is that if you did not pick up a 2021-W American Eagle a couple of weeks ago, wait it out a little bit. Doing a quick search of Ebay for the silver Eagle shows some wildly varying prices. give it some time to calm down before making a purchase so you don’t overpay.

Thanks for taking the time to write in Chris!

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2 thoughts on “Mail Bag – Will The 2021 American Eagle Type-2 Coins Become More Valuable?”

  1. It’s funny, but it’s possible that the 2022’s might go up more. For at least some historical issues of circulating coinage (and perhaps commemoratives) people tended to keep the first year but then didn’t bother with the second. Still, I suspect sufficient numbers will be sold for both dates.


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