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Today’s Mail Bag question is a good one and I suspect that others are asking the same question. It comes in from Manny and they are asking about free coin guides to help find a value of a coin both in their collection as well as when they are at a coin show or shop.

I’m looking for a pricing guide that I can use when I’m trying to value my coins and when I’m at a coin show. I like the red book but the pricing is fixed to the printing of that book. But I also don’t want to get a subscription to greysheet as it is too expensive for me. Any suggestions?


Great question Manny, and thanks for taking the time to write in.

I suspect that, when this article is posted, a few folks will chime in with their favorites as far as free or very low cost pricing guides. For me, I find the site USA Coin Book to be a good one for pricing information as well as other coin facts. The site also has links to eBay auctions of coins if they are available for sale. The site covers all United States denominations from the Half Cent to Proof Sets to Commemoratives. It is comprehensive and informative. For each coin, they will list a price at the various grades (as available) so you can get a sense of the value of a particular coin.

USA Coin Book Pricing Guide Site
USA Coin Book Pricing Guide Site

Obviously your mileage will vary. This post isn’t an endorsement for USA Coin Book, just a resource that I personally find handy.

There are other resources out there are free. PCGS and NGC both have mobile apps that you can install on your iPhone or Android device and can scan certified coins from the companies at show or shop to check that it is real and to get values of that coin.

Thanks again Manny and I hope this is helpful. Numipeeps, feel free to comment with your resources to help Manny out.

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