2021 Uncirculated Coin Set Sales Begin September 28th

The United States Mint will begin sales of the 2021 Uncirculated Coin Set next week. Sales will begin at Noon Eastern, 9:00 AM Pacific on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. The sets are priced at $25.25 this year with no mintage, production or household limit in place. The set this year will include 14 total coins.

The set comes with seven coins from the Denver Mint and seven from the Philadelphia Mint. Each of the Mint sets come in a laminated placard with the coins protected in a hard plastic overlay. The inside fold of the placard will have the coin details such as weight, composition and size. Here are the coins that will be in this year’s Uncirculated Set.

  • 2021-D & 2021-P Lincoln Cent
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Jefferson Nickel
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Roosevelt Dime
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Washington Crossing The Delaware River Quarter
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Washington Tuskegee Airmen Quarter
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 2021-D & 2021-P Native American Dollar
2021 Uncirculated Coin Set (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)
2021 Uncirculated Coin Set (Image Courtesy of The United States Mint)

As has been the case in previous years, this year’s Uncirculated Set is part of the Mint’s Enrollment Program. This allows you to automatically be sent the set each year without having to go to the Mint’s site itself. On the day of release, you will be sent an email letting you know that your order has been fulfilled. You can get more details about the Enrollment Program here.

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