Today’s Deal – 1996 Uncirculated Set with 1996-W Roosevelt Dime

Today’s Deal is an opportunity to pick up a somewhat unique coin set from the United States Mint. The 1996 Uncirculated Set was different than any other such set throughout the 1990s. The 1996 contained the normal uncirculated specimens from the Denver and Philadelphia Mints but it also contained the rare 1996-W Roosevelt Dime. 1996 was the 50th anniversary of the Roosevelt Dime and to mark the occasion, the Mint produced a limited number of Dime coins at the West Point facility. The packaged them with these Uncirculated Sets.

Today’s Deal is on the complete 11-coin 1996 Uncirculated Set including the West Point Roosevelt Dime. You can pick it up for $28.99 including free shipping for those of you who are Amazon Prime members.

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Here are the 11 coins that you will get in this set. It comes in the original government packaging.

  • 1996-D Lincoln Cent
  • 1996-P Lincoln Cent
  • 1996-D Jefferson Nickel
  • 1996-P Jefferson Nickel
  • 1996-D Roosevelt Dime
  • 1996-P Roosevelt Dime
  • 1996-W Roosevelt Dime (In separate package)
  • 1996-D Washington Quarter
  • 1996-P Washington Quarter
  • 1996-D Kennedy Half Dollar
  • 1996-P Kennedy Half Dollar
1996 Uncirculated Set
1996 Uncirculated Set

Obviously the inclusion of the 1996-W Roosevelt Dime is what makes this set both rare and a bit more expensive than other mid-1990’s Uncirculated Sets.

To get more details or to order, head to this link. At the time of this posting, there were several of these sets available at this great price.

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