Nearly 8,000 Error Quarter-Ounce American Eagle Coins Were Struck and Released

7,924. That is the number of quarter-ounce American Eagle bullion gold coins that were mistakenly struck on the West Point unfinished proof dies according to the United States Mint’s Deputy Chief of Corporate Communications, Todd Martin. Even more telling, the Mint knows exactly when these coins were struck. August 24, 2021.

As reported back in October, PCGS was the first to announce the discovery of the error coin. At the time, the company had graded 61 of the coins.

Professional Coin Grading Service ( has authenticated and certified 61 regular-issue Type 2 Reverse quarter-ounce American Gold Eagle bullion coins mistakenly struck with a West Point “W” mint mark obverse proof die. 

Discovered by Gerald Medel of Lakeside Coins in San Diego, California, the coins were submitted to PCGS on his behalf by Ian Russell, president of GreatCollections Coin Auctions ( in Irvine, California. PCGS has classified the coins as Unfinished Proofs, and some of the coins now are being offered at auction by GreatCollections.


Many of these coins are now starting to show up in auctions, particularly GreatCollections as you would expect. As for price, that depends on the grade. Coins grading MS-69 are selling between $6,000-7000 each while MS-70 coins are going for $15,000 to start.

The Mint is considering these coins a mule as they were pressed on die that they were not intended for at the facility.

As a reminder to readers, bullion coins are struck by the United States Mint in West Point but bare no Mint Mark. That is how you can distinguish them – along with their burnished or proof finish – from the bullion coins. These coins in particular were destined to be bullion coins but were struck on the proof dies. Thus they have the “W” Mint Mark and also a slight proof-like finish.

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