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CoinManage USA 2022 Now Available

Liberty Street Software has announced the release of CoinManage USA 2022, its Windows-based coin collection management app. The update brings a number of new features including resizable windows, improved calculations of palladium & bullion coins, and updated value models for your coins. CoinManage USA is one of the oldest coin collection management apps available to collectors and remains one of the best.

The upgrade to CoinManage USA 2022 for existing customers is $19.95. For those new to the app and buying it for the first time, it is $39.95. In both cases, registration information is emailed to you and a link to download the app.

No matter how big or how small your coin collection is, managing it is an important part of the whole Numismatist experience. Whether it is cataloging your coins or creating buy lists, having a single source of truth for you collection grows as your collection grows. This is where an app like CoinManage USA can be helpful.

Here are some of the highlights of what is new and improved in CoinManage USA 2022.

Resizable Windows

* The Add Coin, Search and other windows are now resizable.
* User’s with larger screens can now see many more coin varieties when adding coins or performing searches.

New Report in CoinManage 2021

Palladium & Bullion Coins

* CoinManage will now download and apply the spot price of Palladium to Palladium bullion coins.
*  Calculates the bullion value of Palladium coins such as the Palladium Eagle coins.
*  The bullion values dialog has been enhanced.  Now includes dealer and purchase date + image field.

New Status Field

Values Update and New USA coins & sets.

  • We have updated the coin database and made thousands of value changes.  Added many more popular world bullion coins.
  • All the coins from the Top 100 VAM Morgan dollars are now in the database. 
  • If a coin is in the Want List you will see ‘WL’ in the Number Owned column for that coin.
  • A major new version of the report designer is included.  Features include stream-lined User Interface and better performance.

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