American Women Quarter Proof Set Enrollments Filling Quickly

The United States Mint has announced that the enrollment programs for the American Women Quarter proof sets are filling rapidly. The program, which reserves the proof set for those enrolled, assures subscribers of getting the sets while also not having to worry about being on the Mint’s site when sales begin. Demand, according the the mint, has been high.

The Mint sent out an email on Friday, March 4th which outlined the program’s status.

As of today, the American Women Quarters Proof Set™ has fewer than 5,000 units remaining, and the American Women Quarters Silver Proof Set™ has less than 24,000 units remaining. If you want either product, we strongly recommend you enroll today.

United States Mint email

What this means is that when sales of the American Women Quarter standard proof set sales begin tomorrow, March 8th, and the silver proof set sales begin on March 29th, that inventory beyond the enrollment program may be limited. By design, the Mint fills Enrollment Program orders first before sales being on any particular product. For those not in the program, it is entirely possible the Mint will run out of the sets shortly after sales begin.

The good news in all of this is that these proof sets are annual sets with no mintage or production limit. If the Mint runs out of these when sales begin, they will eventually be available again but it could be several months.

The standard proof set for the American Women Quarter program will go on sales March 8th for $21.00. The silver proof set, with each of the five coins produced in 90% silver, will go on sale March 29th for $73.00. Both sets include all five of the program’s releases for this year honoring:

  • Maya Angelou – celebrated author
  • Dr. Sally Ride – physicist and first American woman in space
  • Wilma Mankiller – first female Principal Chief of the Cherokee Nation
  • Nina Otero-Warren – a leader in New Mexico’s suffrage movement
  • Anna May Wong – first Chinese-American film star in Hollywood

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