NGC Announces Changes To CrossOver Service

Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) has announced an important change to its CrossOver Service. Starting on May 1, 2022, coins submitted for the service will be assessed a grading fee whether the coin is crossed over from PCGS or not. Previously, the grading fee was only applied if the coin was deemed worthy by NGC to be removed from its PCGS holder and graded by NGC.

NGC provides a CrossOver service option for coins certified by PCGS. This service allows a submitter to send PCGS-certified coins to NGC for certification without removing them from their holders prior to submission.

If a PCGS-certified coin submitted for CrossOver meets NGC’s standards for the submitter’s requested minimum grade, the coin will be removed from its holder and certified by NGC. The full NGC grading fee will apply.

If a PCGS-certified coin fails to meet NGC’s standards for the submitter’s requested minimum grade, it will be returned to the submitter in its original PCGS holder. 

To get the complete details about the service, you can read this article on the NGC site.

The change by NGC is more inline with PCGS’ own crossover grading service. PCGS also charges their grading fee plus a 1% premium on the value of the coin. That variable rate is not something NGC is doing in this change to their service.

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