NGC Announces New Evaluation WalkThrough Tier

The following is a Press Release from Numismatic Guaranty Company (NGC) announcing a new Evaluation WalkThrough tier. The new tier is aimed at coins with a value of at least $25,000 with the aim of this new offering to combine the Evaluation Tier already offered along with the CrossOver, ReGrade, and Designation Review tiers.

Effective June 15, 2022, NGC will have an Evaluation WalkThrough tier for coins valued at more than $25,000. Similar to NGC’s Evaluation Tier, the Evaluation WalkThrough tier will combine and expand the services currently provided under NGC’s popular CrossOver, ReGrade and Designation Review tiers, giving submitters significantly greater flexibility.

Under the new Evaluation WalkThrough tier, coins certified by NGC and PCGS will be kept in their original holders unless the coin meets one of several specifications provided by the submitter.

The Evaluation WalkThrough tier allows submitters to request one or more of the options below:

  1. Remove the coin only if it merits the NGC Plus () Designation or NGC Star () Designation (specify one or both). Examples: MS 63 to MS 63 or MS 63 to MS 63.
  2. Remove the coin only if it will increase by at least one full numeric point. Example: MS 63 to MS 64.
  3. Remove the coin only if it merits a better designation. Examples: MS 63 to MS 63 PL, MS 63 PL to MS 63 DPL, PF 65 to PF 65 CA, PF 65 CA to PF 65 UC, MS 64 BN to MS 64 RB, MS 64 RB to MS 64 RD, MS 65 to MS 65 FT, MS 66 5FS to MS 66 6FS, MS 65 to MS 65 FH, etc.

Previously, coins submitted under NGC’s ReGrade, CrossOver and Designation Review tiers would be removed from their holders if NGC believed the coin to be the same grade and designation or higher. Many submitters, however, have expressed the desire to have the coin’s original holder and labeling remain intact if the coin does not merit a better grade or designation.

The fee for the Evaluation WalkThrough tier, which is for coins valued at more than $25,000, is $350 per coin, plus an additional 3% of the coin’s NGC Price Guide value if the coin upgrades. If the coin does not upgrade, the fee will be only $350. The coin’s value will be determined by the NGC US Coin Price Guide. Note: The value for coins with the NGC Star (★) Designation will be calculated based on a 35% premium above the NGC US Coin Price Guide value for the coin’s numeric grade.

The current handling fee per submission form applies. Other grading tiers will remain in effect.

To submit coins for this service, write “Evaluation WalkThrough” in bold letters on the NGC submission form. Note that this service must be submitted on a separate submission form and applies to all coins on the form. The type of Evaluation service requested should be clearly noted.

The Evaluation WalkThrough service is initially available for all US coins submitted at most NGC on-site grading events only. Contact NGC Customer Service at or 1-800-NGC-COIN (642-2646) to confirm availability.

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