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United States Mint Offers American Innovation Enrollment Discounts

The United States Mint is offering a substantial discount to new enrollments to the American Innovation Dollar Proof and Reverse Proof Sets. The program is designed to allow collectors to sign up for enrollments going forward while offering a discount to bundles of previous year’s sets to catch them up. The program is set to run as a first-come, first-served basis and enrollments must take place before May 31st.

Here is how the program works.

1. Enroll for the American Innovation Proof Set or American Innovation Reverse Proof Set

2. Within 30 minutes you should receive an email confirming your enrollment, and the email contains a link to order the catch-up bundle at a discounted price.

3. Use the link to order up to 3 of each bundle per household. 

This discounts being offered are $25 for the regular Proof Set and $35 for the Reverse Proof Set.

Note that this discount program is only open to those who are not enrolled currently. In other words, it must be a new enrollment for either the Proof or Reverse Proof Set.

The new program will certainly help collectors of the newest dollar series from the Mint catch up in their collection without having to go to the secondary market. Further, it will help the Mint clear out inventory of these sets that they still have on hand. Note that quantities are limited so if you want to take advantage of this program, you will need to sign up now.

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