ANS Announces Availability of Presbeus: Studies in Ancient Coinage Presented to Richard Ashton

The following is a Press Release from the American Numismatic Society (ANS) announcing that a new volume, Presbeus: Studies in Ancient Coinage Presented to Richard Ashton is now available.

The American Numismatic Society (ANS) is pleased to announce that Presbeus: Studies in Ancient Coinage Presented to Richard Ashton has now appeared and is available for purchase. Edited by Andrew Meadows and Ute Wartenberg, it includes twenty articles that focus on the coinage, history and archaeology of the Greek East. Noted scholars from Belgium, France, Germany, Greece, Poland, Sweden, Turkey, the UK, and the USA contributed to this volume of 556 pages.

Presbeus was presented to numismatic scholar Richard Ashton on the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday in 2021. An expert in ancient Rhodian coinages, Ashton was the longtime editor of the Numismatic Chronicle, as well as in charge of the Royal Numismatic Society’s series of Special Publications. In the Editors’ Preface of the volume, Meadows and Wartenberg note: “It was […] obvious to us that a volume should be produced both to mark his arrival at a certain age, but also to honor his quarter-century of service to the numismatic community at the Royal Numismatic Society.”

Presbeus can be purchased through the American Numismatic Society’s distributor Casemate Academic for $150. Members of the American Numismatic Society receive a discount of 30%. For more information see includes the following articles: 

  1. Christopher S. Lightfoot. Was there a Core-Formed Glass Industry in Archaic Rhodes?
  2. Wolfgang R. Fischer-Bossert. The Electrum Coinage of Lindos Again
  3. Alain Bresson. Palmette Coins: An Update
  4. Jonathan Kagan. Return to Xanthos: New Numismatic Light on the Harpagid Dynasty of Western Lycia
  5. Ute Wartenberg. A Persian Queen on the Black Sea: The Coinages of Amastris and Herakleia
  6. Philip Kinns. Understanding the Later Civic Coinage of Miletus
  7. Koray Konuk. MY Stands for Mylasa
  8. Andrew Meadows. The Double-Axe Mint: The Coinage of Tenedos in the Third and Second Centuries BC
  9. Amelia Dowler. The New Mint under Nicomedes I (c. 278–255 BC)
  10. Kerstin Höghammar. The Koan Series of Posthumous Alexander Tetradrachms, c. 200 BC
  11. Vassiliki E. Stefanaki. Les ‘plinthophores’ de Cos: état de la question
  12. Peter Thonemann. Cistophoric Geography Revisited
  13. Aneurin Ellis-Evans. The Wreathed Tetradrachms and Gold Staters of Magnesia on the Maeander
  14. Nicholas Sekunda. The Cretan and Pisidian Keraitai
  15. Lucia Carbone. The Standardization of Asian Bronze Denominations in the First Century BC
  16. Fabrice Delrieux. Fleuves et riviéres de l’Asie Mineure gréco-romaine. Généralités et tudes de cas dans les monnayages de Carie
  17. Laurent Bricault. Images civiques de Mithra
  18. Andrew Burnett. The Severan Coinage of Galatia
  19. Elena Korka, Constantine Lagos, and Maria Syrrou. An Early Byzantine Gold Hoard from Tenea, Corinthia
  20. François de Callataÿ. Correspondence about the Coin Market in Constantinople and Smyrna Prior to 1800

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